How does MixCart work?

MixCart is a tool for automating the procurement process and the interaction between the supplier and the restaurant. The principle of the tool - the restaurant creates a request, the supplier receives it and processes it.

The system significantly reduces the time for processing orders and reduces number of refunds, thanks to the automation of workflow, the availability of the application, automatic downloading of prices, chat and etc.


Features of the system?

  • Automation of workflow
  • Automatic updating and distribution of price lists
  • Communications
  • Analytics (sales, purchase)
  • Purchase requisitions and their processing
  • Marketplace MixMarket


Our own API can integrate with any system

  • 1C
  • r_keeper
  • storehouse
  • api

50+ franchisees have already opened their mixcart

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Clients in the system

  • More
  • 2875
  • Restaurants

  • More
  • 1809
  • Suppliers

With whom it is necessary to work?

Suppliers for HoReCa
Logistics companies
Restaurants, bars

What is included in the franchise package?

  • Personal manager
  • Technical support
  • Training and trainings
  • Business plan
  • Marketing
  • Advertising materials
  • Requests for your region
  • Find agents of your region

What will you earn?

  • Revenues from its supplier network
  • Commission with connections and monthly fee
  • Revenue for the promotion of goods / services suppliers
  • Income from agents in your region (only for the tariff investor)

Mixcart command

Ildar Hasanov
Ildar Hasanov


Artur Shamalov
Arthur Shamalov


Mihail Mitusov
Mikhail Mitusov
Head of Implementation Department
Andrey Denisov
Andrey Denisov

Chief technology officer